UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America
UVC Light Conveyor - North America

UVC Light Conveyor - North America

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Disinfect any items under 3.5" tall efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Manufacturing locations can automate disinfection processes ie. shared tools, quality gauges, shipping & receiving paperwork, and final pack operations
  • Travel, hospitality, & even law enforcement can easily disinfect large quantities of smaller items (insert examples)
  • Libraries can incorporate these tunnels into their book check-in process
  • Schools can quickly disinfect classroom supplies, books, and personal items at the start of each day to keep their classes clean.
  • Verify UV Exposure with UVC Dosimeter cards (10 pack included) 

 Keeping your customers and employees safe is more important than ever. Viruses, including the COVID-19 Virus can live on any surface, sometimes up to several days.The UV Light Conveyor offers onsite disinfecting for most handheld items to protect against the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Armed with multiple ultraviolet (UV) sources and focused lenses to maximize disinfecting, the UV Light Conveyor’s quick disinfectant process can inactivate most of harmful pathogens. The conveyor is a must-have solution for any employer opening their doors during this pandemic as well as offices, hotels, bed & breakfasts.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.


  • Features with multiple UV technology that effectively penetrates and inactivates most harmful pathogens.
  • Disinfect most handheld tool or personal item in minutes to protect against spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Equipped with a cleaning chamber that can accommodate items up to 20 inches wide and 3.5 inches in height
  • Targeted lens technology to clean with laser precision
  • Stainless steel construction, easy to clean with common household cleaners
  • Conveyor belt is timed for proper amount of time to disinfect with UV light 
  • Plugs into a 110-120V outlet rated for 20 Amps


304 Stainless Steel Interior

430 Stainless Steel Exterior








175 lb

Conveyor Capacity

Max Height of 3.5"

Max Width of 20"

Max Weight of Item 6 lb, 2 at a time

Cord Length

Voltage 110-120 VAC
Watts 9.2 kW/11.8W
Amperage 13 Amp Receptacle
Frequency 60Hz


CAUTION: UV Light can cause damage to materials being exposed for disinfection.  Visible signs of UV damage may include fading of color or cracking.  UV is also harmful to human skin.  Those operating the device must take care to never reach inside the UV tunnel area when the unit is in cycle.  This device is not intended for medical use such as surgical instruments.

 SVS guarantees the quality of the beam pattern and minimum intensity to properly disinfect a flat surface as verified by exposure cards from American UV.  Irregular surface contours or surfaces with complex shapes may block the UV rays from reaching certain areas on the object being disinfected and manual cleaning may be required.  SVS cannot guarantee results on surfaces with complex shapes or contours.