Our Approach at Singh Visions Systems

Standard open LED's scatter UVC leaving its effectiveness compromised as shown below in the heat map.  The scale demonstrates the lowest level of energy is measured and evident by the blue shades, while the highest level of energy is depicted in red.  


UVC Light Effectiveness

On typical UVC disinfecting lights found in the market today, only the center reaches moderate energy levels, shown in green.

Scattered ineffective UVC light

By comparison, SVS has the technical expertise to harness the energy, focusing it to not only reach a higher energy level (read, more effective at disinfecting) but also cover greater surfaces.


This graph demonstrates the 43.8% increase in energy harness by Singh Vision Systems's UVC LED Lights
UVC Light comparison
The key to effective UVC distribution is overlapping high intensity (red hues).  SVS achieves this by developing custom lens to cover larger surfaces at a higher energy level.