Customer Facing

Customer facing work environments such as retail, public services, grocery, banking, pharmacies, etc due to the unavoidable "high touch" risk of shoppers picking up products and placing them back on the shelf.  Whether they are reading labels or changing their mind about purchasing an item, this behavior is unavoidable in retail settings.

In the example of libraries, books can end up sharing more than knowledge.

Libraries During Covid-19

Libraries, just like retail and common public services such as banking, mail, and grocery stores, often deal with high touch items as customers shop isles and exchange money.  These high touch items are not always fit for frequent disinfecting with sprays or wipes.  Additionally, often sensitive material like paper books, food items, etc can be degraded or even ruined with harsh sprays and chemicals.

Our UVC Conveyor can clean a constant stream of products, books, or money with very little efforts and without toxic chemicals.  We won't even get into the cleaning supplies required.