Custom Engineering

By honing both the distance and angle in which the lights hit their intended target, Singh Vision Systems (SVS)can engineer and build custom applications using their existing standard lamp and UVC production line.

 Example of custom applications - SVS UVC Dome Lamp

Singh Vision Systems UVC Dome light

Other custom industrial applications can be viewed at Singh Automation

Disinfect Public Transportation Efficiently

  • Common school buses have over 40 seats that need to be disinfected twice a day and with current guidelines by the bus manufacturers will require more than 3 hrs / day / bus in extra man hours not counting cost of cleaning supplies
  • 180 school days at 3 hours of cleaning + supplies will easily exceed $10,000 / bus per year
  • Blue Bird estimates there are 590,000 school buses in operation in US & Canada alone equating to $5.9 Billion in sanitation for school buses alone
  • Current Best Practices by Blue Bird - disinfection best practices 

 Singh Vision Systems Technology Solution

  • SVS Optics means effective UV application at a distance
  • SVS occupancy detection software ensures a correct count of passengers entering and exiting before running the disinfecting UVC cycle
  • Lamp effectiveness can be verified by American UV test cards used by hospitals

Singh Automation Team