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Our UVC lights disinfect... and we can prove it.

We're experts in lights, but you don't have to take our word for it. 

Every UVC Light Conveyor ships with 3rd party UVC Dosimeters so you can see for yourself!

Don't fall for inadequate UVC lights that are unfocused with too much distance between the light and the surface, and too little time of exposure to be effective.  In order to be effective in disinfecting surfaces two factors must be optimized; the distance from the surface, and the intensity - or the time a surface is exposed to adequate UVC lighting.  Many of the UVC wands and portals out there today use lights that scatter  everywhere without the proper intensity of energy, violating one of the basic tenants of UVC light disinfecting.

Clean the UVC Way

Disinfect without Harsh Chemicals

Effective, safe cleaning without coming into contact with harsh chemicals or toxic fumes that can be dangerous to your staff or customers.

Cleaning with Zero Waste

No need to increase your stock of cleaning rags, paper towels, wipes, or other cleaning supplies.  Minimize waste.

Investment in Safety

Save money on cleaning teams & safety consultants with our verifiable UVC disinfectant cards.  Verify your own clean.

UltraViolet Light

UVC Light Sanitization Safety

What is UVC?

UVC, or ultraviolet C is a disinfection method that has been around since the mid-20th century.  It utilizes short wavelength light to kill or inactivate microoganisms by destroying and disrupting their DNA.  This leaves them unable to perform their vital cellular functions.  UVC is primarily used in medical sanitation and sterile work facilities. 

The efficacy of UVC depends on the length of time of exposure and the intensity and wavelength.  It depends primarily on the line of site exposure.  In other words, obstacles and even dust on the UVC bulb can reduce it's effetiveness.


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Sanitize Workplace with UV Light

Is UVC Safe for Employees & Customers?

Direct and prolonged exposure to UVC can be dangerous and is why SVS has put the engineering into a product that only provides direct exposure to the product being disinfected and safeguards in place to keep harmful rays from direct human contact.

UVC Light is safer for the customers, employees, and environment as there are no toxic fumes or cleaning agents required that pollute the work environment, and potentially degrade surfaces.  Additionally, using UVC light technology is a greener solution as it can help reduce the cost of buying consumable cleaning agents and doesn't create more environmental waste.   Some companies anticipate spending upwards of $125,000 before the end of the year in order to keep workers safe.

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Workplace Virus Safety - Disinfect using UVC Light

How ViriShield Can Help Your Business

Companies now must spend a small fortune on cleaning processes and supplies that was never budgeted and spray cleaners can be damaging to surfaces that are painted or structure such as paper products. 

A high-quality commercial grade UVC device is a one time purchase that can be simple to implement in current business processes, never be something that can run out of stock and in the case of the conveyor, something customers can engage with and feel confident they are not being exposed or exposing others to germs.

UV Products

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Lifespan of COVID-19 on various surfaces

CoronaVirus Lifespan on Surfaces

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Industry News

"Studies have shown that when SARS — another coronavirus — was exposed to UVC for 15 minutes, the virus was "completely inactivated." The rays seem to penetrate the cells of pathogens, damaging the DNA or RNA that contain their genetic code, Jim Malley, PhD, an environmental engineer at the University of New Hampshire, told the Los Angeles Times.

Full article here May 28, 2020

"Shared pens and styluses are a potential source for transmission of health care−associated pathogens and respiratory viruses in health care facilities. A novel ultraviolet light-emitting diode device was effective in reducing bacteria and viruses inoculated on pens and in reducing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus  aureus transferred to pens by colonized patients. The device could be useful in reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens by shared writing utensils."

Full article here

American Journal of Infection Control

"As for the UV wands meant to be used on desks, keyboards, and other surfaces: Nardell says the light they emit generally isn't strong enough to have an impact."

Ed Nardell is a professor of environmental health and infectious diseases at Harvard Medical School and sits on the safety committee for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

Full article here

UV Light Disinfecting Without Harmful Chemicals

Industry Uses

We've all changed our habits in order to protect ourselves, our family, our employees, and our customers from contracting the virus from daily activities.  But some industries, essential and non-essential alike, need to step up their game in order to gain back the trust of both their employees and customers. 

Industries such as education, office, customer facing retail, manufacturing, hospitality, delivery personal, warehouse workers, transportation, beauty, and agriculture companies now have to re-evaluate their processes and procedures in order to resume face to face services.